Lorek Consulting


Proven model

The application of good practice in purchase processes does not safeguard companies against different external risks, which in the changing market environment are an inherent attribute of our daily operations. Organizations must consider and analyze on an ongoing basis the need to face economic challenges so as to prepare and adapt to ever changing circumstances.

The current economic situation shows that companies which adapt to the market situation in a creative way, creating different scenarios of the future, fare much better with unexpected changes in the external environment.

One must be aware that in the future there will be changes in the current supplier structures, different macro- and micro-economic conditions will drive purchasing, speed of communication will go up and communication itself will become more direct. By studying future trends Lorek Consulting analyzes how relevant external factors impact companies’ procurement and operations processes.

By comparing different perspectives Lorek Consulting prepares potential procurement development and adaptation scenarios for our customers’ businesses which ensures that potential risks and issues which might threaten their operations and stability are identified well in advance.

The outcome of the trend analysis is the identification of top activities which should be implemented to successfully manage change.

Current and future trend scenarios showing causes and effects, with logical substantiation of possible changes and their intensity, allow the business to prepare in a flexible way to address changes and take fast decisions and actions. This ensures that the business is always a step ahead of competitors, gives competitive advantage and drives benefits.

Lorek Consulting uses proven solution models and best practices… we do not experiment with our customers’ money!