Lorek Consulting


Lorek Consulting stands for individual approach and strong customer focus. Our consultations can be split into 3 main stages:


The project is defined together with the customer, with every single phase detailed out, following which all required resources and tools are selected. The project is conducted to ensure minimum disturbance to the customer’s work rhythm. Each stage of the project is closed with a report. This ensures full control over the project, so that the final outcome fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer.


The outcome of my work is delivered in the form of the final report based on collected data and analysis. It consists of several parts that contain: a description of the work, the collected data and the analysis. The most important part of the report are conclusions, presented – depending on the customer company’s expectations – in the form of a full concept for activities (strategy) or, in its limited form, a set of recommendations with an implementation plan.


The last step is a comparison of the project’s results with the initial assumptions and goals. This takes place at a meeting during which we present and discuss the results, and provide the full report and all analyses. Assuming that the quality of our services is measured by the degree of our customer satisfaction, we care about the feedback evaluating our services.


– The basis of the total fee for conducting projects depends on the customer’s success and the success fee forms its biggest share. This guarantees to customers that we are very motivated to achieve fast, sustainable and major successes in cost optimization (reduction) of their business. We are happy to adapt the scope of our services and fee structure to our customer’s business intricacies.