Lorek Consulting



Specialization rather than generalization

I am an expert in procurement and purchase optimization – on which I worked for over 20 years conducting multiple corporate projects.

Measurable results of projects

Thanks to my focus on implementation, Customers can precisely measure the effects the project delivered after its completion. Specific quantitative and qualitative project goals are presented, followed by achieved results, to ensure and show maximum benefits coming from our cooperation.

Exclusivity work

To ensure competitive advantage to my customers I guarantee exclusivity work. During the term of contract, for a specific period of time, I shall not undertake any projects with direct market competitors of my customers.


My success is founded on extensive and vast practical experience confirmed by quality and effectiveness of consultation services, good practices and measurable results, which are all conditions for further growth of Lorek Consulting. Only satisfied customers will entrust us with more projects and refer us to others.

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